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Popular Articles in P|T Community among PCLaw users

P|T Community is a great resource for AMP Membership Customers.

Each month, thousands of PCLaw customers access helpful articles, videos, and other materials designed to help them get the most out of their legal practice software.

The following is a list of some of the most popular articles in P|T Community for PCLaw:

  1. Upgrade to PCLaw 2021 – Many PCLaw users are upgrading to the latest version, PCLaw 2021. This comprehensive guide is designed to help both SQL and C-tree users backup their current PCLaw data, download the software and product key, upgrade the PCLaw server, and more.

  2. Verify Data Integrity Tool - PCLaw's Verify Data Integrity Tool (or VDI) is a great internal resource for PCLaw users with a C-tree database. This feature scans the PCLaw database and associated index to find and fix data integrity issues without making changes to the data files themselves. A step-by-step guide, this article breaks down how to use VDI in order to repair and help prevent data corruption. The VDI should not be confused with PCLaw Verify, a service offered to C-tree database PCLaw users, which takes scheduled backups of PCLaw data and scans it to test for discrepancies and analyze it for certain types of corruption.

  3. Client Conflict Search Avoiding conflicts of interest is a vital responsibility for any law firm. This article tells legal professionals everything they need to search their database for all clients, matters, contacts, and vendors to determine if any previous contacts might represent a conflict with a potential client or matter.

  4. Update the PCLaw License Should you or your legal practice ever need to update your license information for PCLaw, this article is a fantastic resource. By simplifying the process of updating PCLaw licenses, this article will ensure you are good to go in five easy steps.

  5. PCLaw Template Editor Overview The Template Editor is a valuable tool that allows legal professionals to create and modify templates for bills, labels, past due notices, receipts, checks, deposit slips, and financial statements within PCLaw. With this helpful overview, you will have everything you need to get started saving time while performing essential tasks. As an added bonus, this article also features important links that expand on the foundations of Template Editor that empower legal professionals to get the most out of PCLaw.

  6. PCLaw Go FAQ - As more legal practices have moved to hybrid and fully remote offices, more and more PCLaw users are using PCLaw Go to perform select, essential functions with PCLaw on iOS and Android devices. These functions include reporting billable activities, setting daily reminders, accessing PCLaw contacts, and more. If you have questions about PCLaw Go, you will likely find those answers in this helpful resource with frequently asked questions. You can also find QR codes to help you download PCLaw GO straight to your mobile device.

From upgrade installation guides, tips for using new integrations, troubleshooting, and more, P|T Community is designed to help users get more from PCLaw. Our product team is constantly updating existing articles and developing new content regularly.

Have you ever used P|T Community before? If not, now is a great time to start.

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