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P|T, Novum Learning Strengthen Partnership To Offer Continuous Learning Opportunities To Law Firms

PCLaw Time | Matters™, consolidated its partnership with Novum Learning, a recently established microlearning platform for professional service firms.

Novum, working together with PCLaw | Time Matters, aims to offer the best continuous learning opportunities for employee upskilling and reskilling in the legal industry.

Partnership Terms and Objectives

The partnership agreement allows clients of PCLaw | Time Matters to gain special access to microlearning courses offered by Novum Learning. The courses include online lessons and training that cover areas of the business of law. Clients of P|T can now address skill gaps and provide online opportunities to their personnel.

In exchange, PCLaw | Time Matters will guide Novum Learning by advising and requesting future courses to be developed for their client base. This will further empower the microlearning platform provider to reach more professional service firms that believe in the importance of continuous learning and employee upskilling.

Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning, spearheaded the partnership and the release of the free courses to a new set of audiences. Addressing the joint initiative, Locke said:

“What we love about this partnership is that we are both invested in advancing our clients’ successes and recognize the holistic benefits of personnel upskilling. With this joint initiative, professionals have the opportunity to accelerate their career growth through knowledge gained from industry and subject-matter experts.”

Locke partners with Chris Stock, CEO of PCLaw | Time Matters, to ensure the smooth implementation of the partnership among the clients of the software company and further promote legal innovation and employee engagement in more workplaces.

“At PCLaw | Time Matters, we believe that offering ongoing learning is important for employee engagement. By employing great people and providing them the best tools to do their job, law firms can be very enjoyable places to work,” said Stock.

As part of the partnership with PCLaw | Time Matters, Novum aims to provide building blocks that will contribute to the success of the legal industry through the creation of new educational courses accessible anytime, anywhere. Microlearning courses, without a doubt, are the most holistic learning resources that will hone a new generation of legal professionals and promote continuous learning within the legal industry.

As reported by the *World Economic Forum, “some research shows that on average, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom. ” The article also states that it “is mostly due to the students being able to learn faster online; e-learning requires 40-60% less time to learn than in a traditional classroom setting because students can learn at their own pace, going back and re-reading, skipping, or accelerating through concepts as they choose.”

Free Online Courses for Employee Upskilling of Legal Professionals

Novum Learning has a wide variety of microlearning courses for professionals seeking continuous learning. In hopes of bringing the legal industry to greater heights, the platform has designed courses for lawyers in different fields. Clients from PCLaw | Time Matters and legal professionals across the globe will gain access to some of them for free.

Here are some of the published free courses for legal professionals from Novum’s collection:

Essentials To Creating New Opportunities on LinkedIn

Ari Kaplan’s free course consists of three modules that aim to offer the best approaches in acquiring clients and connections through LinkedIn, the largest professional networking platform in the world. More information.

The Seven Secrets of Opportunity Making Success

Success is what every lawyer needs to win deals, cases, and partnerships. This free module offers a comprehensive guide to success—with lists and examples compiled by Ari Kaplan, one of the leading legal industry analysts today. More information.

Tips To Bill More Hours with Time Matters

A free course that lawyers can take for only half an hour. It tackles the benefits of timekeeping with Time Matters® and various methods and techniques to approach time management. More information.

Excel From Scratch

A three-hour free course that tackles the fundamentals of Microsoft® Excel and how professionals can use them. This course is suitable for all professionals looking to upskill in Excel. More information.

Strategy on a Page

A 45-minute course that aims to provide a ‘battle plan’ for professionals facing business challenges and solving business objectives. This course is suitable for leaders, strategists, operation professionals, and marketing and business development professionals. More Information.

Limited-Time Access to Negotiation Course

Additionally, P|T and Novum Learning have granted free access to the 10 Golden Rules of Negotiation until 30 June 2021. This microlearning course is for those interested in learning the key rules to follow for a successful negotiation. The course is delivered by a master negotiator who trains three of the top five enterprise software companies in the world.


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